Rabbi Dan Ornstein

Albany, NY

Dan Ornstein is rabbi at Congregation Ohav Shalom and a writer living with his family in Albany, NY.  He is the author of Cain v. Abel: A Jewish Courtroom Drama (Jewish Publication Society, 2020)

"I, Cain": The World's First Murderer And His (Possible) Repentance

11:30 PM Eastern

8:30 PM Pacific

We are used to thinking of the biblical figure, Cain as an unrepentant monster.  At least a few midrashic perspectives take a more nuanced approach to Cain and his fratricidal crime.  They propose that, in fact, Cain was remorseful and repentant for his horrible deed. We will look at one or two brief texts, ask a few good questions, and discuss what Cain (and his teshuvah) can teach us.