Hazzan Penny S. Myers

Buffalo, NY

Hazzan  Penny Myers, a native Buffalonian, has been serving Temple Beth Zion, Western New York’s largest synagogue  as Cantor since 2006. Hazzan Myers serves the Cantors Assembly in many leadership positions, is Chair-elect of the Great Lakes and Rivers Region of the CA, and most recently was inducted into her High School’s ‘Wall of Fame’ due to her exceptional reputation in the pulpit and her community.

Must We Forgive?

10:00 PM Eastern

In the era of social justice awareness ,when confronted with an apology  from someone who commits  a severe transgression against us are we pre-conditioned to martyr ourselves to automatically  accept and forgive? Or is now the beginning to re-evaluate & de-program the  automatic ‘salachti’ and model the integrity and preservation of the neshamah for the most severe transgressors? Can we be both martyr and model when we are encountered with an apology?