Akedat Yitzchak in Fine Art

Using compelling images of fine art, and relying on the scholarship of Jo Milgrom and Orna Silberman, we will discover how artists -- from the ancient period to the Renaissance, to modern Israel and the US -- depict the story of the binding of Isaac in painting, sculpture, mosaic, and photography. These artists use the visual vocabulary of Western art, as well as details of the biblical story, and ideas and images from some famous midrashim, to present these dramatic and powerful scenes. Each artist’s effort to imagine a crucial moment in the biblical story is a serious encounter with the text. Some pieces are explicitly political. We will learn from their editorial choices and from their formal visual decisions: about composition; perspective; scale; light and shadow; dress, landscape, props and decor; the incorporation of words; the placement of sculpture; and other expressive techniques.

Facilitated by
Rabbi Hazzan Lilly Kaufman
11:30 PM Eastern
8:30 PM Pacific